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BOLD Award to LC 2014

Introduced by BOLDFest co-organizer Pat Hogan, margy lesher accepts the 2014 BOLD Woman of the Year Award on behalf of Lesbian Connection.  Check out the video above to hear margy present highlights and herstory from LC's first 40 years!

BOLD Award #2 - Diana Kuch

Comedian Diana Kuch tells her LC story at the 2014 BOLD Awards, during BOLDFest in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

The LC Office


LC Office Cats: Elmo & Patches

Elmo came to the LC office as a stray during the week of September 11, 2001.

He stayed for a couple of months until we found him another home.  But then, due to changing circumstances, he returned to us in fall of 2002, and we decided to keep him as an office cat.

Toward the end of that same year, Elmo became friends with a tiger cat, Patches, who was ready to change homes.  With permission from her old family, we gained a second office cat. 

The two of them have been pretty much running things around here ever since, training each new staff member to do their bidding.  They are both still going strong, although Elmo was diagnosed with arthritis and “joint mice.”

We really miss Bailey, the dog pictured below, who joined us most days until his passing.  He loved the cats and tried to look out for them, and while they liked to complain about his presence, we think the cats really loved him as much as we did.

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