Photos & Cats

Our office in the Michigan springtime!

LC's Famous Office Cats

We have two charming office cats, Oliver and Izzy.  Oliver was a barn cat for the first seven years of his life.  He is very happy and content to be living the LC office, with no shortage of laps, shoulders, lounge chairs, and snacks.

Izzy came to live with us shortly after we got Oliver.  (We basically decided Oliver needed a kitten.)  Izzy loves tormenting her brother, sleeping under the sunlamp on Jen's desk, and generally causing chaos.

We still miss our original two office cats, Elmo and Patches.

Elmo came to the LC office as a stray during the week of September 11, 2001.  We found him a home, but a year later he came back to live with us for good.  He was a wonderful office cat.

Later that same year, Elmo became friends with a tiger cat, Patches.  With permission from her old family, we gained a second office cat.  The two of them pretty much ran the office from then on, training each new staff member to do their bidding.

We also miss Bailey, a sweet dog who joined us most days until his passing.  He loved the cats and tried to look out for them, and while they liked to complain about his presence, we think the cats really loved him as much as we did.