Contact Dykes

Thanks for thinking about being one of our Contact Dykes.  As you may already know, Contact Dykes (CDs) are women on our mailing list who volunteer to provide information about their area to women who are traveling or are new to town.

If you’d like to be a CD, please fill out the form below and let us know exactly how you want your listing in LC to read: first name/last name/address/email/phone – you pick the combination.  All listings include at the minimum your first name, town, state/province, zip/postal code, and one means of contact.

Please also let us know if you want to be a CD Host, meaning you might be able to provide a free place where women could stay for a night or two (a bed, couch, floor or tent/RV space), with whatever restrictions you set.  If you’re interested in hosting traveling women, be sure to indicate that at the bottom of this form, and we’ll put a bed icon after your listing.

Remember, the information you provide will be printed, and while LC is for lesbians, non-lesbians may see it.

There are currently nearly a thousand women on the Contact Dyke list, and many of our readers have told us what a great service the CDs are providing.  Thanks again for your interest, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Note: You must be on LC‘s mailing list to be a CD.

Note: An email address is now required to use the online sign up form.  (However, you are not required to include an email in your listing.)  Please call us at 517-371-5257 if you don’t do email but want to become a CD or update your listing.

CD Listing

Please tell us how you are listed on your address label.
Please tell us the ADDRESS and ZIP / POSTAL CODE where you receive LC.
Please write below exactly how you want to be listed as a contact dyke. Note: Every CD listing includes a town and state.
If so, we'll put a bed symbol next to your listing to indicate your willingness.
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