Submission Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for submissions to LC:

LC does not include poetry, fiction, personal ads, or requests for pen pals.

We prefer that all copy submissions be typed or emailed.

Our suggested maximum lengths are as follows:

  • Articles: 1200 words (title suggestions welcome)

  • Responses, Topics, Passings & Profiles: 700 words

  • Letters and Reviews: 500 words

All correspondence we receive, including postings on our website and Facebook page, may be considered for publication unless you specifically tell us otherwise.

Most everything we print is edited for length, style and clarity, and we can’t possibly include everything we receive.  Saying “do not edit” usually means we will not print it.  We reserve the right to not print some materials at our discretion.  Anonymous writings, or those from women who aren’t already on our mailing list, may not get printed.

All writings that are clearly meant for us to publish (Reviews, Articles, Responses, Remembrances, etc.) will be signed with the author’s full name, town & state – other writings may be signed with the author’s first name, town & state.  We generally don’t include contact info in signings.

LC is a forum for, by and about lesbians (which to us means women who identify as lesbians).  Even so, non-lesbians do see LC, and anyone considering listing her name or contact info in LC should be aware of this.  We reserve the right to remove anyone from our Contact Dyke list at our discretion.

Please click here for the submission deadline for our next issue.