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FORUM FOUNDATION'S OKTOBERFEST FALL BALL:  Friday, October 11, 7-11pm in Warren, MI.


11TH ANNUAL BLACK LESBIANS UNITED:  October 11-13 near Los Angeles, CA.


ATLANTA PRIDE:  October 11-13 in Atlanta, GA.


WOMEN’s WEEKEND:  October 11-14 at Beaver Dam Campground in Berwick, ME.


XX AMAZONS’ UPRISING 2019:  October 11-14 in northwest Arkansas.  Recreating the female-centered world.  Fighting female erasure.  We will gather and plan our resistance.  The Uprising will be created by the women who come.  From one of the 2018 participants: “I’d like to invite other women of color who share this experience of silencing and erasure to join me in a Women of Color Circle.”  Womxxn only.  More info: or email


BETWEEN THE LINES WEDDING EXPO:  Sunday, October 13 in Dearborn, MI.


OUTFEST:  Sunday, October 13 in Philadelphia, PA.


WOMEN’S WEEK:  Oct 14-20 in Provincetown, MA.


FALL WOMONWRITES:  Oct 17-20 in central GA.


INTERPRIDE AGM & WORLD CONFERENCE:  October 17-20 in Athens, Greece.


BACK TO THE BONES:  Halloween concert, Saturday, October 19, 7pm in Lansing, MI.


NEWFEST:  New York's LGBTQ Film Festival.  October 23-29.


DAUGHTERS OF DIANA GATHERING:  October 24-27 in Angeles Oaks, CA.  A gathering of Amazons, Dianic witches, and Goddess women.




WITA:  November 8-9 at Edgewood United Church, East Lansing, MI.  


FRIENDSGIVING: Saturday, November 9 in Lansing, MI.


NWSA CONFERENCE:  November 14-17 in San Francisco, CA.




SISTRUM WINTER CONCERT:  December 13-14 in Lansing, MI.


SPIRIT OF SOLSTICE CONCERT:  Saturday, December 21, 7pm in Lansing, MI.




NATIONAL WOMEN'S MUSIC FESTIVAL:  July 2-5, 2020, Middleton, WI.


GALA FESTIVAL:  July 4-8, 2020, Minneapolis, MN.


BOLDFEST 2020!  The 16th (can you believe it?!) Bold, Old(er) Lesbians & Dykes Conference/Gather-ing, Fall 2020 in beautiful Vancouver, BC.,, (604)253-7189.



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